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March 29, 1985


East Rutherford, NJ
Meadowlands Arena
Promoter: Monarch Entertainment Bureau
Other act(s): W.A.S.P.
Reported audience: 15,928 **SOLD-OUT
Reported gross: $198,768

Set list(s):

Detroit Rock City
Cold Gin
Creatures Of The Night
Fits Like A Glove
Heaven's On Fire
Under The Gun
War Machine
Young And Wasted
I Love It Loud
I Still Love You
Love Gun
Black Diamond
Medley/Oh Susannah
Lick It Up
Rock And Roll All Nite


- Final night of the "Animalize" tour.
- From a local review: "The spike-heeled girl in the leopard tights with the handcuffs chained across her pelvis negotiates the empty beer bottles and shards of broken glass quite well. It's part of the turf in parking lot 22, where hundreds have gathered at sunset to embrace New Jersey's first rite of spring: Putting on a buzz outside the Brendan Byrne Arena. Putting on a buzz means drinking Budweiser or smoking pot or throwing back Jack Daniels, and then letting the spirit rise as the sky explodes red over the roaring turnpike and the heavy-metal band KISS prepares to perform. In the hour or two before the concert begins, it's time to put on a buzz, al fresco. It will make the chest-pounding weight of the music hit better later, inside. And it's an opportunity for KISS fans 14,835 were in attendance Friday night to socialize... KISS fills the cavernous space with a thunderously loud rendition of 'Young and Wasted.' It has found its arena, its audience, its parking-lot pilgrims even though the 18-year-old New Milford student, who majors in criminology at Seton Hall, quite lucidly asserts, 'Beer, pot does not affect my brain.' The KISS drummer stands, holds a drumstick that protrudes from his groin, and gyrates his hips. KISS singer Paul Stanley leads his flock of 14,000 in a sexually pejorative chant against anybody who has ever said that KISS can't play real music. Stanley later instructs a fist-saluting audience on the same sexual deed a telephone operator heard about after seeking 15 cents. A bespectacled, slightly graying woman who works the hot-dog counter near entrance 108 asks a visitor during intermission: 'Is it true that the first band had a player who was showing his fanny?' 'Oh, that's not nice,' she submits. 'There are a lot of kids here.' The kids leave the concert having been 'animalized' for two hours. They take to the open road and, in the words of one, 'party some more'" (Hackensack Record, 4/2/85).
- Eric Carr was scheduled to make an in-store appearance for Ludwig drums at Percussion Plus's grand opening in South Somerville, NJ the following day.

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