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Casablanca/Phonogram 2/6-7211 (Argentina, 1984)
Casablanca/Phonogram 822-495-1 (Holland, 1984)
Casablanca/Polystar 28SA-250 (Japan, 9/25/84)
Polystar R00C-2027 (Japan, 1984)
Polystar P33C-20015 (Japan, 1987 - CD Reissue)
Mercury PHCR-94060 (Japan, 11/1/1998 - CD Remaster Reissue)
Universal/Mercury UICY-3855 (Japan, 6/9/05 - Reissue)
Universal Music UICY-6429 (Japan, 9/27/06 - Reissue)
Casablanca/PolyGram LPR-43070 (Mexico, 1984)
Vertigo/Phonogram VERL-18 (UK, 9/84)
Mercury/PolyGram 822-495-1/2/4 (US, 9/13/84)
Mercury 558-859-2 (USA, 9/1/98 - Remaster)
Mercury/Island Def Jam Music Group B002006801-A (USA, 5/6/2014 - 180g vinyl)


A1. I've Had Enough (Into The Fire) (3:50) - Stanley/Child | LYRICS
A2. Heaven's On Fire (3:18) - Stanley/Child | LYRICS
(USA #49, 10/13/84; AUZ #62; CAN #48; SWE #19; UK #43)
A3. Burn Bitch Burn (4:38) - Simmons | LYRICS
A4. Get All You Can Take (3:42) - Stanley/Weissman | LYRICS
A5. Lonely Is The Hunter (4:27) - Simmons | LYRICS
B1. Under The Gun (3:59) - Stanley/Carr/Child | LYRICS
B2. Thrills In The Night (4:18) - Stanley/Beauvoir | LYRICS
(USA, did not chart)
B3. While The City Sleeps (3:39) - Simmons/Weissman | LYRICS
B4. Murder In High Heels (3:51) - Simmons/Weissman | LYRICS


Produced by Paul Stanley. Associate producer: Gene Simmons. Drums produced by Michael James Jackson. Recorded at Right Track Studios, New York City, NY by Chris Minto and Timothy Crich; May - July 1984. Additional recording by Dave Wittman. Mixed by Dave Wittman.

Performance credits:

Thrills In The Night - Jean Beauvoir on bass & backing vocals
Get All You Can Take - Jean Beauvoir on bass & backing vocals; Mitch Weissman on ryhthm guitar
Under The Gun - Jean Beauvoir on bass & backing vocals
Heaven's On Fire - Paul Stanley on bass
I've Had Enough (Into The Fire) - Paul Stanley on bass
Lonely Is The Hunter - Bruce Kulick on guitar solo
Murder In High Heels - Bruce Kulick on guitar; Mitch Weissman on bass
While The City Sleeps - Mitch Weissman on ryhthm guitar
** Alan Schwartzberg performed additional drum fills, and Desmond Child backing vocals, on some tracks...

Chart Action:

Chart Peak (USA): #19 (12/1/84) with 37 weeks on charts. Other countries: AUS #14; CAN #41; GER #25; SWE #8; SWZ #9; UK #11.


"Animalize" was certified gold by the RIAA on 12/3/84 and platinum on 12/12/90. It has sold over 103,000 (3/12) copies since the SoundScan era commenced in 1991. The album was certified gold by the CRIA (Canada) for sales of 50,000 copies on 11/1/84 and platinum on 3/1/85.

Performed Live:

Continuing the trend of new album material saturation in the set five songs were performed at the first show of the "Animalize" tour on September 30, 1984: "I've Had Enough (Into The Fire)", "Heaven's On Fire", "Burn Bitch Burn", "Get All You Can Take", and "Under The Gun." Two of these songs, "Burn Bitch Burn" and "Get All You Can Take," were only performed once and then dropped. The former was also resurrected, unsuccessfully, when attempted at various Konvention dates in 1995. "Thrills In The Night" was added to the set during the North American leg of the "Animalize" tour and first performed live in December 1984.


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