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Mercury/PolyGram MCR4/SRM-1-4068 (Canada, 7/85)
Casablanca/Phonogram 824 154-1/4 (UK Reissue, 1989)
Mercury/PolyGram 824 154-1/4 (US Reissue 7/14/85, 10/95 - Vinyl)
Mercury/PolyGram 824 154-2 (US CD Reissue, 7/87)
Mercury/PolyGram 528 674-1 (US Reissue, 10/95 - Picture Disc/Glow Gatefold*)


A1. Creatures Of The Night (4:01) - Stanley/Mitchell | LYRICS
A2. Killer (3:19) - Simmons/Cusano | LYRICS
A3. Keep Me Comin' (4:00) - Stanley/Mitchell | LYRICS
A4. Rock And Roll Hell (4:08) - Adams/Vallance/Simmons | LYRICS
A5. Danger (3:55) - Stanley/Mitchell | LYRICS
B1. I Love It Loud (4:12) - Simmons/Cusano | LYRICS
B2. I Still Love You (6:06) - Stanley/Cusano | LYRICS
B3. Saint And Sinner (4:50) - Simmons/Japp | LYRICS
B4. War Machine (4:13) - Simmons/Adams/Vallance | LYRICS


Recorded by Dave Wittman at The Record Plant Studios, Los Angeles, CA; July - September 1982. Drums recorded by Niko Bolas and Rich Bosworth at Record One Studios, Los Angeles, CA; July 1982. Additional engineering by Ricky Delano, Kevin Eddy and David Blanco. Mixed at The Power Station Studios, New York City, NY by Bob Clearmountain and Gene Simmons. Track A1 remixed by Dave Wittman at the Electric Lady Studios, New York City, in 1985 and the album was also remastered, changing the sonic dynamics further. The track order on this 1985 reissue is also modified slightly with tracks A2 and B3 being swapped. The 1995 vinyl versions use the original 1982 cover with the 1985 audio contents.

There are actually three different covers to the album: The first is the original, the second in the 1985 reissue featuring Bruce, and the third is the Remaster, which has a slight variation in the logo and lettering. * Some test pressings of a glow in the dark picture disc for this reissue do circulate. The 1995 vinyl versions use the original 1982 cover with the 1985 audio contents.

Performance credits:

Creatures Of The Night - Unknown (pos. Mike Porcaro) on bass; Steve Farris on lead guitar; Adam Mitchell on guitar
Danger - Jimmy Haslip on bass
I Still Love You - Robben Ford on lead guitar; Eric Carr on bass
Rock And Roll Hell - Robben Ford on lead guitar; Jimmy Haslip on bass
War Machine - Gene Simmons on rhythm guitar
** Other session players on this album may even include Bruce Kulick! Bob Kulick did record guitar parts for the album, but his work wasn't used. Vincent Cusano is the album's primary guitarist.

Chart Action:

The reissue did not chart.


Center Rings: USA | Canada
"Creatures" Glow Center Ring

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