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Casablanca/Microfon SUP-772 (Argentina, 1977)
Casablanca/Phonogram 6399-060 (Argentina, 1980 - Different Artwork)
Casablanca/Astor NBLP-7037 (Australia, 11/76)
Casablanca/Quatro CBLP-9132 (Chile, 1977)
Casablanca/Phonogram 6399-060 (Europe & Americas)
Casablanca/Vogue CBLA-71005/6 (France, 1976)
Casablanca/Bellaphon NB-7006 (Germany, 1976)
Casablanca/Phonogram 6399-060 (Germany, 1980)
Casablanca/Durium D30-260 (Italy, 1976)
Casablanca/Victor VIP-6376 (Japan, 1976 - Gatefold Cover)
Casablanca/Polystar 22S-5 (Japan, 1980)
Polystar R00C-2015 (Japan, 1984)
Polystar P33C-20007 (Japan, 1987 - CD Reissue)
Mercury PHCR-4319 (Japan, 1997 - CD Remaster)
Mercury PHJR-20008 (Japan, 7/15/1998 - Colored Vinyl Box Set)
Universal/Mercury PHCR-94044 (Japan, 9/19/1998 - CD Remaster Reissue)
Universal/Mercury UICY-2509 (Japan, 8/21/02 - Reissue)
Universal/Mercury UICY-93096 (Japan, 7/5/06 - Limited Edition)
Universal/Mercury UICY-6643 (Japan, 3/7/06 - Reissue)
Casablanca/SEM SEL-100-498 (Korea, 197? - 7 tracks! Missing 4, 5, and 10!)
Casablanca/Gamma GX-01-891 (Mexico, 1976)
Casablanca/PolyGram LPR-43048 (Mexico, 1980)
Casablanca/Direction NBLP-7037 (New Zealand, 1976)
Casablanca NAL2-7024 (South Africa, 1976)
Casablanca/Pye CALH-2001 (UK, 2/77 - red, then later black vinyl)
Casablanca/Vertigo 824 150-2 (UK, 5/89 - CD Reissue)
Casablanca NBLP-7037 (US, 11/11/76)
Casablanca/PolyGram 824-150-1/2/4 (US reissue 7/85, CD, 7/87)
Mercury 532-380-2/4 (US Remaster, 8/12/97, no sticker!)


A1. I Want You (3:02) - Stanley | LYRICS
A2. Take Me (2:53) - Stanley/Delaney | LYRICS
A3. Calling Dr. Love (3:41) - Simmons | LYRICS
(USA #16, 3/19/77; AUZ #93; CAN #2)
A4. Ladies Room (3:25) - Simmons | LYRICS
A5. Baby Driver (3:39) - Criss/Penridge | LYRICS
B1. Love 'Em And Leave 'Em (3:41) - Simmons | LYRICS
B2. Mr. Speed (3:19) - Stanley/Delaney | LYRICS
B3. See You In Your Dreams (2:31) - Simmons | LYRICS
B4. Hard Luck Woman (3:32) - Stanley | LYRICS
(USA #15, 12/18/76; AUZ #67; CAN #15; GER #34)
B5. Makin' Love (3:12) - Stanley/Delaney | LYRICS


Produced by Eddie Kramer. Recorded live-in-the-studio at Star Theatre, Naunet, NY, September 1976. Engineered and mixed by Eddie Kramer and Corky Stasiak at The Record Plant Studios, New York City, NY. Includes sticker and merchandise form. Some initial US printings of the cover exclude Corky's credit from the rear cover. First Japanese release has a gatefold cover. Argentine and Mexican have versions that have different cover art.

Performance credits:

See You In Your Dreams - Gene Simmons on rhythm guitar
I Want You - Paul Stanley on lead guitar
Ladies Room - Gene Simmons on guitar
Hard Luck Woman - Paul Stanley on acoustic 12 string guitar

Chart Action:

Chart Peak (USA): #11 (12/25/76) with 47 weeks on charts. Other countries: CAN #7; GER #39; SWE #9


"Rock And Roll Over" was certified gold by the RIAA on 11/11/1976 and platinum on 1/5/1977. It has never been recertified, but has sold over 227,000 (3/12) copies since the SoundScan era commenced in 1991. From the "hype" department: An Aucoin Management ad in Billboard (1/22/77) proclaimed "over 1½ million copies sold to date."

Performed Live:

As KISS started to hit their popularity the sets became more streamlined and restrictive. This resulted in "Rock And Roll Over" dropping to just 70% performed. Five songs still debuted when the tour commenced in November 1976: "I Want You", "Take Me", "Ladies Room", "Hard Luck Woman", and "Makin' Love." However, but the end of the year "Hard Luck Woman" had been dropped and replaced with a catalog song. "Calling Dr. Love" was added during the "Love Gun" tour in July 1977. There has been the suggestion, but no definitive proof, that "Love 'Em And Leave 'Em" was performed early during the "Rock And Roll Over" tour. On possible answer is that there is confusion resulting from lip-synced rehearsals/filming of the song for TV broadcast. Regardless, the situation was resolved when the song was performed in 2006. This leaves the unperformed 30%: "Baby Driver," "Mr. Speed," and "See You In Your Dreams."


US Sticker | Dust Sleeve
US Merchandise order form: Front | Back
US "Casbah" Center-rings
UK Red Vinyl Album
Japanese Gatefold
Argentine Alternative Cover (1980)
So-called RCA R133990 "tear misprint" (it's a printing error, not a tear)

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