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"Out Of Control" Cover Artist: A Q&A with Todd Schorr

By Julian Gill

Todd Schorr was the artist behind the cover of Peter Criss' first post-KISS solo album "Out Of Control" (1980). He was kind enough to answer a quick Q&A about is involvement in the project. The KissFAQ thanks Todd!

KissFAQ: How did you become involved with creating the cover artwork for Aucoin/Casablanca/Peter?
Todd Schorr: I had worked with the art director Dennis Woloch (I can't remember if that's the proper spelling of his last name) on previous jobs before the Peter Criss album.

KF: What guidance were you given for the creation of the cover? Any parameters? Whose concept was the cover?
TS: To be honest I can't remember how much art direction I was given on that job. I think it was pretty much laid out by the agency.

KF: It's been suggested that the woman in the left-back of the cover depicts Peter's then wife Debbie. We're any of the figures supposed to depict any real person?
TS: That was Peter's wife that I had photographed as reference for the cover. The other people were just hired models although one of the background figures was a friend of mine who had come along to the photo shoot.

KF: What medium/process did you use for the creation of the cover?
TS: The medium is watercolor on illustration board.

KF: How many roughs did you need to execute prior to the final work, and what was the process of getting approval for the final work?
TS: I did one finished drawing which was approved by the agency and Peter.

KF: Did you get to meet Peter during the project?
TS: I met Peter a couple of times while I was working on the album. He came over to my studio with his wife and was very friendly. My studio at the time was on Lexington and 28th street in New York City.

KF: Does an original of the cover still exist?
TS: I still have the original.

KF: Have you done any other covers for musical projects?
TS: Years ago I did many album covers for bands like AC/DC and Blue Oyster Cult but I became fed up with the creative limitations associated with doing illustration work and finally about 10 years ago I quit doing commercial work altogether. I paint for myself now and sell my work to collectors through art galleries around the world. You can see what I do now at toddschorr.com

October 10, 2004

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