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Mark St. John gig history

This section is a continuous work in progress so your contributions, clarifications, corrections, or comments are welcomed. Email the Webmaster.

March 1985

18 - FM Station Club, N. Hollywood, CA
Set list: ~unknown
Set notes: Jam session with Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge...

February 1987

?? - Anaheim, CA
Set list: Communicator / Stand And Deliver / Love/Hate / Bad Time Coming / Mark Guitar Solo / Live For Today / White Hot Desire / Drum Solo / Still Standing Strong / Rock Warriors / Live To Rock
Set notes:
- A circulating AUD recording is usually attibuted the 2/22/87 date and may actually be an incorrectly labeled city.

22 - Joshua's Parlor, Westminister, CA
Opening act: Ice
Set list: ~unknown
Set Notes: Reviewed in Kerrang #142 by Dante Bonutto: "Kiss in a broom cupboard. Alice Cooper in an outside convenience. David Lee Roth in the Rover's Return... all hard to imagine and all quite ludicrous. Bands who think big demand big stages, room to breath, room to swank, room to open the top button of the leather spray-ons and, well, let it all go, socks, cucumbers, the lot!

White Tiger may not be a big band (yet), but there's no way the idle listener would ever be aware ofthe fact... all they need now is a suitable arena in which to bare their teeth as Joshua's just wasn't up to the task of staging a full performance. For WT read OTT! No room here to swing a cat (or a guitar, of which more later) and no room for this big cat to swing. Still, it was a home gig, the crowd loved it (and made no secret of the fact) and despite a rather rickety start the four eventually came out on the winning side, overcoming the cramped conditions with true grit'n'polish: a triumph against the odds, which is pretty much the story of this band's life...

Certainly, vocalist David Donato and guitarist Mark St. John have had their ups and downs, the former being recruited into the Black Sabbath ranks only to be ditched without rhyme or reason (and without making it onto vinyl) and the latter taking over from Vinnie Vincent in the Kiss ranks then finding himself unable to tour with the troupe due to illness. A bitter pill to swallow in both cases, but on the evidence of this display the after-taste has long since disappeared.

Donato connects well with the crowd, singing a note or two higher than you might expect for one known to wear a doorknocker on his belt, while St. John is an absolute revelation, full of tricks an' twirls and making every solo a genuine event. With bassist Michael Norton (Mark's brother) and drummer Brian James Fox packing the necessary punch, numbers such as 'Still Standing Strong', 'Rock Warriors' and 'Live To Rock', the deserved encore, came across a lot louder and clearer than on the band's debut 'Year Of The Tiger' album, where the dodgy mix does its best to submerge a fine set of songs.

Add on new material such as opener 'Communicator' and 'Live For Today' plus impressive solo spots from St. John and Fox, the guitarist making seven-and-a-half minutes seem like a swift flurry up and down the fretboard and the drummer setting fire to his sticks in a fine display of unrestrained showmanship, and you have a very enjoyable evening marred only by the exclusion of 'Northern Wind', my favourite Tiger tale. After the show, perfectionist St. John wasn't entirely happy with the way things had gone; on first taking the stage he'd hurled his guitar around his body, hit it against the low ceiling and knocked it out of tune - all ofthe band are six foot plus, "white giants" according to Donato - but a drink or two later, non-alcoholic of course (OK, Mark?), he was feeling much more relaxed, happier and heartier by half.

If White Tiger gets what it deserves we could be talkin' three mile smiles. Take it from someone whose middle name is Claude pronounced clawed!)"...

April 1987

12 - Jezebel's, Anaheim, CA
Other act(s): Kita, Tarrga, Filthy Rocks
Set list: Love-Hate / Stand & Deliver / Bad Time Coming / Runaway / Guitar Solo / Communicator / Live For Today / White Hot Desire / Drum Solo / Still Standing Strong / Rock Warriors / Live To Rock
Set notes: One of two known White Tiger recordings, and the better of the two...

September 1987

4 - Gazzarri's, Hollywood, CA
Set list: ~unknown
Set notes: None.

October 1987

31 - Troubadour, Hollywood, CA
Set list: ~unknown
Set notes: None.

November 1987

6 - Gazzarri's, Hollywood, CA
Other act(s): Bitch, Bad Influence
Set list: ~unknown
Set notes: None.

27 - Joshua's Place, Orange County, CA
Set list: Love-Hate / Stand & Deliver / Live For Today / Mark Guitar Solo / Rock Warriors / Runaway / Drum Solo / Still Standing Strong / Communicator / Live To Rock
Set Notes: None.

December 1987

19 - The Waters Club, San Pedro, CA
Set list: ~unknown
Set notes: None.

Unknown 1987

?? - The Hot Spot, Huntington Beach, CA
Set list: ~unknown
Set Notes: None.

May 1990

2 - Guitar Center, Lawndale, CA
Set list: ~unknown
Set notes: The first and only show "The Keep" performed...

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